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Adwell Fishing

When planning the fishing at Adwell we were determined to avoid the simple solution of merely digging a still water lake. We decided, instead to widen the existing stream in a manner which, while preserving the natural state of the surroundings would provide fishing of a very varied and high standard. There are now six pools in the stream and two independent pools (the Paddock and Farm Pools) See lake plan.

The stream, which is fed by large springs on the estate (all of which continued to run throughout the drought of 1976, and the dry summers 1995 and 1996) was excavated in the Autumn of 1973, 1974, 1975 1979 and 1985.

The surface of the stream and pools covers about 7 acres. The fishing is set in delightful surroundings and the islands and banks have been carefully planted with trees, shrubs, wild irises and other appropriate plants in positions which do not impede casting and which encourage the wild life to flourish.

There is a small fishing hut (with electric lighting, W.C. and wash basin) near the entrance where fishermen may leave their rods etc. Members are provided with a key which operates the locks on the entrance and fishing hut doors. There are also shelters near the Park, Island and Haseley Pools.

We make sure that we restrict the number of rods fishing on any one day, and this ensures that each member has plenty of space to fish in comparative solitude.

.The stocking of the pools takes place throughout the season with an initial stocking and "top ups" of fish thereafter. Rainbow and some brown trout are stocked and care has been taken to ensure that at no time should there be a shortage of fish, Unlike most other trout fisheries, we are fortunate at Adwell in having our own stew ponds stocked with fish of all sizes. So we are able to replenish our stocks on a regular basis and with the minimum of stress in transporting the fish to the lakes. Fish are from 1 1/4 to 5lbs in weight with a mean average at the time of stocking of 1 1/2lbs. Due to the quality of readily available natural food, trout growth at Adwell is substantial and fish of up to 9lbs have been caught.

We are very pleased to announce that, along with other fisheries throughout England, we are members of the Big Fish Experience. The Big Fish Experience was set up to provide fishing for disabled veterans from the forces. Adwell is a superb venue, with easy access for wheel chairs, and we hope that many veterans will come and enjoy the peace and quiet of the place. See www.thebigfishexperience.org.uk for more details of the Big Fish Experience.

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